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Wheat is a tropical grain. A staple in the kitchens, all around the globe, it remains the undisputed primary ingredient used for making any kind of bread. The term “whole”, in the context of wheat flour, is quite common today. Whole wheat atta or flour or whole wheat grains, literally refer to the whole of the grain, that is used as food. Whole wheat atta, therefore, includes the bran or the husk, germ and the endosperm along with the grain.
This flour is a storehouse of fibre, manganese and magnesium.
Wheat atta comes in two forms: Refined and Whole. The tangible distinction in between the two is evident from the colour of the atta or the wheat flour. Refined wheat flour is white in colour and fine in texture. Whole wheat atta, on the other hand, is always a little brown in its appearance and a little coarse in its texture.


1. Wheat Controls on Obesity Body
2. Wheat Improves Body Metabolism
3. Wheat Prevents Type 2 Diabetes








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