Waigaon Haldi Powder





From a Small village, ‘Waigaon’ in Maharashtra, famously known as the Turmeric Village for its premium Quality Turmeric of Bright yellow color, the farmers follow traditional method ensuring organic production.

Waigaon Turmeric has been Conferred with the Geographical Indication (GI) status by the Government of India in 2016 with GI Number 268.

  • Authentic from its very origin.
  • Grown Organically.
  • Rich in Medicinal Benefits since no chemicals and pesticides are used.
  • The texture of this turmeric powder is very soft.
  • The aroma of this turmeric is very pungent.
  • Normally Has 4.5- 6.12% Curcumin content.
  • Very little quantity of powder is sufficient for increasing the color of food items.
  • The durability of Waigaon turmeric powder is more.


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