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Khapli wheat also known as emmer wheat is a great source of proteins, minerals, lipids, iron, dietary fiber thiamine, and several vitamins which is very essential for a good healthy body. Consumption of Khapli atta has done miracles for diabetic patients as this super grain has a low glycemic index which helps in the slow release of sugar in the body. Adding Khapli atta to your diet can magically result in a well-balanced health. Basically Khapli atta is great for diabetics due to a low glycemic index also in-order to maintain balanced cardiovascular health Khapli atta is recommended by health experts.

Benefits –

Rich In Fiber:

As Khapli atta is rich in fiber it provides so many health benefits such as helping to maintain a healthy weight and lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease, helps maintain bowel health, aids in achieving a healthy weight. Increasing fiber in your diet gradually over a few weeks. This allows the natural bacteria in your digestive system to adjust to the change.

Helps In Controlling Diabetes:

Khapli wheat is a remarkably versatile low gluten grain that is used in the treatment of diabetes due to a low glycemic index(GI) and can be utilized in place of regular wheat atta. Its ability to lower blood glucose and lipid levels and high-temperature stress tolerance compared to other cultivated species make it therapeutic for several health issues. Khapli atta is high in protein as it helps to prevent elevated blood sugar levels, making it a great choice for diabetes sufferers. These nutritional and functional traits make Khapli wheat atta more suitable over normal wheat atta.

Low-Glycemic Index:

The glycemic index (GI) of a particular food is primarily based on the amount and type of carbohydrate it carries but also is affected by the amount of the carbohydrate molecules within the food, the fat, protein content of the food and the number of organic acids in the food. A low GI diet plays a very crucial role in maintaining good health. Well, emmer wheat has a low glycemic index(GI) which helps in balancing sugar level in the body. An easy way to ensure you are having the healthy eating diet is to follow a low GI diet – whether you are looking forward to optimizing your health or trying to prevent or manage a specific health condition, a low GI diet can help you do just that. For pregnant women, reducing the GI in the diet is one of the safest and most effective ways of ensuring your baby grows at a healthy rate.

Easy To Digest:

Khapli atta is probably best known for its ability to prevent or relieve constipation leading to a healthy and balanced digestive system. Adding Khapli atta in your diet gradually over a few weeks results in natural bacteria in your digestive system to adjust to the change which is very important for digestive health.

Vitamins & Minerals:

Vitamins and Minerals always go hand in hand, and everyone knows they’re crucial. But there are times when we ignore thinking about the vital role that vitamins and minerals play in our health. Khapli wheat is a great source of minerals and vitamin B3 which is also known as niacin. Minerals play a very crucial part in the strengthening of our bones, teeth, and the proper function of all our cells and tissues. Vitamin B3, is a vital nutrient, as every organ of the body needs it to function properly as it helps in lower cholesterol, ease arthritis, and boost brain function, among other benefits

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