JackFruit Flour – 200G









  • This green jackfruit flour (atta) has high levels of soluble fiber and much lower levels carbohydrate and calories compared to wheat and rice
  • An ideal plate should comprise of 25% proteins, 25% of carbohydrates and the remaining 50% vegetables. by adding this flour / atta to your current meal, increase your vegetable / fruit intake without much effort
  • Neutral in taste and can be added easily to your favourite daily meal – idli, dosa, roti, aloo paratha, etc to reduce carbohydrate and increase vegetable intake
  • Turn low carb diet to real food. cut down your carbohydrate intake by replacing 1/3rd rice / wheat with flour / atta, and continue to eat your idli, rawa idli, roti, porridge, pancake, etc without guilt and enjoy with family






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