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Black chickpeas, also known as Bengal grams, Garbanzo beans or ‘kala chana’ belong to the ‘desi’ variety and have a much higher fiber content and lower glycemic index. Being an extremely versatile legume, it is widely used in a variety of Middle Eastern and Indian dishes like falafels, hummus and curries as well as salads, soups and stews or even as a quick snack. In addition to their delicious nut-like taste and buttery texture, black chickpeas are extremely beneficial for health.


1. Aids in Weight Loss:
2. Cardiovascular Benefits:
3. May Lowers Cholesterol:
4. May Stabilizes Blood Sugar and Low Glycemic Index (GI):
5.May Prevention of Diabetes:
6. Great Source of Iron:
7. Good Source of Protein for Vegetarians:
8. Beneficial for Women:
9. Helps in Treatment of Digestive Disorders:
11. Other Benefits:
Skin Benefits of Black Chickpeas
12. Treatment of Leucoderma:
13. Treatment of Ringworm Infection:
14. Facial Skin Care:
15. Healing Properties:
Hair Benefits of Black Chickpeas
16. Promotes Hair Growth:
Black chickpeas contain vitamin B6 and zinc. Both these minerals play an important role in building up the protein in hair, thereby strengthening your hair follicles and promoting hair growth.
17. Combats Hair Loss:
The combination of vitamin A and zinc in black chickpeas are vital for hair health and deficiency of any one of these in the diet can cause dandruff and hair loss.
18. Treatment of Dandruff:
In order to get rid of dandruff, you can mix 4 tablespoons of black chickpea flour in around 250 ml water and massage your hair with it for a couple of minutes before washing.
19. Prevents Greying of Hair:
Black chickpeas are loaded with protein and manganese. Manganese prevents your hair from changing pigmentation i.e. greying of hair.
Now that you know of its many health benefits, we are sure you will show it more love. Grab them right now and start your way to good health!






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