Bansi Wheat atta


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Bansi wheat is grown commercially in the Indian subcontinent since historic times. It is known for its plumpness, appearance and consistency. Bansi wheat has different level of rust resistance as compared to common varieties of wheat. Regular consumption of Bansi wheat in our diet maintains balanced diet which is healthy for human beings.

Health benefits of Bansi Wheat:

Diabetes: Digestion and absorption of Carbohydrates in Bansi wheat is gradual which is beneficial in diabetes management as slower rate prevents quick fluctuations in the blood glucose level. Magnesium present in Bansi wheat is seen to promote the cell’s insulin sensitivity which plays crucial role in blood sugar management.

Weight management: Longer feeling of satiety of Bansi wheat means need of taking fewer meals. When food digestion and absorption occur at slower speed, the body feels satisfied for extended hours. Fibers also keep the stomach feeling full which curbs appetite. Being a good source of fiber, promote good bowel movements and relieve constipation. It also stimulates the growth of friendly gut Bactria.

Boost immune response: Proteins, which is the primary component of antibodies, these antibodies fight bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Iron content in Bansi wheat helps in Hb production. Iron is also useful in DNA synthesis, Growth and Development. Folate helps in DNA& RNA production and plays a role in amino acid metabolism. Folate prevents anemia and heart disease. Vit B complex is useful in proper energy production and brain functions. Magnesium regulates blood pressure, protein synthesis. It is also vital for nerve conduction and electrolyte balance

Control Cholesterol: Rich in fibre and fiber rich diet minimise the risk of heart disease.

Helps fight ageing: Selenium an antioxidant that prevents cell membrane and DNA degradation. It also protects the skin from premature ageing by binding to free radicals causing them to become stabilized and harmless to skin cells.

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